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Store, monitor, analyze and aggregate IoT sensor data

Timescale’s high-performance, fully managed time-series database can handle data from hundreds of thousands of devices and more. Built on PostgreSQL.

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TimescaleDB’s continuous aggregations changed our dashboards from sluggish to lightning fast. It used to take minutes to run some long-term data queries. Now, almost all queries for long-term data are sub-second.

Jon Eskilsson, Software Architect at Edeva


Insights from IoT sensor data, reliable and fast

Realiably store IoT sensor generation/consumption data from hundreds of thousands of devices.

Efficiently handle high write rates from all monitored assets.

Rely on blazingly fast energy dashboards even when your tables have billions of rows—all without hurting your ingest.

Analyze and optimize your electrical grid, batteries, solar panels, and other devices according to the data received in real time.

representative image: Insights from IoT sensor data, reliable and fast

Seamless scaling to handle data growth

Accommodate larger data sets, handle higher data ingestion rates, and easily support a growing number of concurrent users or devices.

Automatic data retention policies, compression, and data partitioning ensure efficient utilization of storage resources while maintaining query performance.

Lower data storage costs up to 10x via storage for rarely-accessed data and 90+% native compression rates.

representative image: Seamless scaling to handle data growth

PostgreSQL with time-series superpowers

For faster reads and write, take advantage of automatic time-based partitioning with hypertables.

Use pre-calculated continuous aggregates to accelerate queries requiring aggregated results by time interval or range.

Streamline your development with pre-built functions that easily integrate into your IoT sensor applications.

representative image: PostgreSQL with time-series superpowers

Top-rated support

Leverage the expertise of the Timescale team. No question is off-limits: we can help you with your data modeling, query optimization, and performance tuning.

representative image: Access to expert support

Access to expert support

Get a second opinion on your database setup when you need it—at no extra cost to you.

representative image: Always on

Always on

We are available 24 x 7 x 365 to ensure that you have a lifeline when unexpected events happen.

representative image: Guided every step, never walk alone

Guided every step, never walk alone

Get assistance with migrations, data modeling, query or ingest performance, compression settings, and more.

representative image: Tailored solutions for your unique needs

Tailored solutions for your unique needs

When it comes to data, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. We work with you to create a solution to meet your specific circumstances.


“[Timescale] was great for storing time-series data and enabled us to do a lot of analytical work. The most important thing for me is that mixing model and time-series data enhances our platform’s analytical power.”

Xavier Orduña, Platform team lead at Circutor


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Learn how developers who build on IoT sensor data use Timescale in production and start building with tutorials and real-world datasets.

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