× Ajay Kulkarni

Ajay Kulkarni

Ajay has spent the last 15+ years making sense of data: financial (2002-2004), mobile (2005-2014), and now time-series (2015+). A serial entrepreneur, Ajay previously co-founded Sensobi, which was acquired in 2011 by GroupMe/Skype/Microsoft. His past experience includes roles at Microsoft, Citigroup, and several startups. Ajay holds Bachelors, Masters degrees from MIT in Computer Science, and an MBA from MIT Sloan.

× Mike Freedman, PhD

Mike Freedman, PhD

A Full Professor of Computer Science at Princeton, Mike specializes in distributed and storage systems, networking, security. Developed CoralCDN and Ethane (which launched OpenFlow & SDN), and co-founded Illuminics (acquired by Quova/Neustar). Honors include PECASE (given by the White House), SIGCOMM Test of Time, ONR YIP, NSF CAREER, DARPA CSSG. Bachelors & Masters from MIT, PhD from NYU and Stanford.

× Erik Nordström, PhD

Erik Nordström, PhD

One of our core database and infrastructure engineers, Erik received his MSc and PhD from Uppsala in Sweden, then worked as a research scientist at Princeton on new distributed service architectures. He worked as a Spotify infrastructure engineer before joining Timescale. Erik’s an avid hiker and outdoorsman of the Swedish wilderness.

Software Engineering
× Rob Kiefer, PhD

Rob Kiefer, PhD

Rob was born and raised a Terp (BS in CompSci, UMD '10), and later a Tiger (CS PhD Princeton '16). At Timescale he is part of the research & development team, contributing to new DB features, benchmarks, and release & testing processes. He enjoys sitcoms, card games, and sports, even though all his teams continually find new ways to disappoint him.

Software Engineering
× Matvey Arye, PhD

Matvey Arye, PhD

Mat has been working on data infrastructure in both academia (Princeton, PhD) and industry. As one of TimescaleDB's core architects he works on performance, scalability, and query power. Previously, he attended Stuyvesant, The Cooper Union, and Princeton. In his free time, Mat enjoys theater, travel, hiking, and skiing.

Software Engineering
× Shane Ermitano

Shane Ermitano

Shane has a breadth of experience serving as an art director for advertising agencies, a Fortune 50 corporation, and startups of his own. He's always on the hunt for his next slice of pizza.

× Solar Olugebefola, PhD

Solar Olugebefola, PhD

Solar graduated with a BS then PhD in Materials Science from MIT. He has two kids and enjoys rock climbing and homemade science experiments.

Software Engineering
× Andrew Staller

Andrew Staller

A Penn grad and former lacrosse player for the Quakers, Andrew received the Senior Cornerstone Award for ENTHUSIASM, voted on by his teammates, and brings the same energy to work. Loves to ski, read, travel, paint.

Marketing & Community
× Melanie Savoia

Melanie Savoia

Melanie graduated from Cal State Northridge with a degree in Marketing, where she co-founded the campus’ first a cappella group and first all-inclusive social sorority. After serving several years in the hospitality industry she has found her forever-home with startups. She enjoys doodling, eating noodles, and all things Star Wars.

Office Manager
× David Kohn

David Kohn

After a B.S. in Environmental Engineering at Yale, founding an electrochemistry startup, joining a battery startup, and doing crazy things with Postgres for Moat (an ad-analytics company), David joined Timescale to focus on research and development. He also cooks, does pottery and builds furniture.

Software Engineering
× Lee Hampton

Lee Hampton

Lee comes to Timescale from Canary (an IoT home security company), where he spent 4 years as a Backend Engineer. Before moving to NYC, Lee lived in sunny Reno, NV where he studied Music, Spanish, and International Relations at UNR. His passions include playing music, travel (especially to places where he can practice his Spanish), and finding venues in NYC with interesting live jazz.

Software Engineering
× Tim Geisenheimer

Tim Geisenheimer

Tim runs sales and partnerships at Timescale. Tim has led successful sales and BD teams at startups and large companies his entire career. Prior to Timescale, he was on the founding team at TapCommerce where he grew revenue from $0 - $18 million in under two years. TapCommerce was later acquired by Twitter for $100 million. While at Twitter he ran the 25-person sales team responsible for working with some of Twitter's largest data-driven customers.

Head of Enterprise Sales & Partnerships
× Diana Hsieh

Diana Hsieh

Diana wrangles product and customer success at Timescale. Prior to Timescale, she was a PM at another open source database company based in New York. She has worked with tech companies for most of her career, starting out on the financial services side supporting and investing in enterprise startups. She loves New York and can be found camping out at cafes, drinking, and eating. In her free time, she dabbles in jazz piano and blogging.

Head of Customer Success
× Cassie McAllister

Cassie McAllister

Cassie manages content marketing at Timescale. She comes from a communications background with a focus on cybersecurity. Before moving to NYC, she spent time living in San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Columbia where she graduated from the University of South Carolina. During her free time, Cassie can be found on the beach, in the mountains, or at a wine bar.

Content Marketing Manager
× Amy Tai

Amy Tai

Amy has been working on distributed systems and databases for many years, more recently as a PhD student at Princeton and less recently as an undergrad at Harvard. Outside of building systems, she likes coffee, glazed donuts, books, the New Yorker, and walking her dog.

Software Engineering
× Niksa Jakovljevic

Niksa Jakovljevic

After years of backend engineering, and a few more years of data ingestion and compute, Niksa has embarked on a Timescale adventure. He enjoys late night coding/reading on anything distributed. Being outdoors, playing tennis or just hanging out with friends is how he stays away from a computer.

Software Engineering
× Sven Klemm

Sven Klemm

Sven studied computer science in Dresden, and has been working on databases and monitoring for many years. When he is not behind a computer he loves practicing aikido.

Software Engineering
× Josh Lockerman

Josh Lockerman

Josh was recently a PhD student at Yale where he studied Programming Languages and Distributed systems. In his spare time, he reads science fiction, fantasy, and high-performance datastructures.

Software Engineering
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Board of Directors

× Forest Baskett, PhD

Forest Baskett, PhD

Forest joined NEA in 1999 as a Venture Partner and became a General Partner in 2004. Forest focuses on information technology investments and serves on the Board of Directors for several private and public companies. Some of his investments that became public companies are Atheros Communications, Audience, Data Domain, Fusion-io and Tableau Software.

Prior to NEA, Forest was Senior Vice President of R&D and Chief Technology Officer of Silicon Graphics Inc. He founded and directed the Western Research Laboratory of Digital Equipment Corporation before joining SGI. Prior to that, he was a Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University.

Dr. Baskett received a BA in Mathematics from Rice University, a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin and is a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

General Partner, NEA
× Peter Fenton

Peter Fenton

Peter Fenton joined Benchmark in 2006 after spending seven years as a partner with Accel Partners. Current Board Seats: Buoyant, Cockroach Labs, Docker, EngineYard, Elasticsearch, Hortonworks (IPO: HDP), New Relic (IPO: NEWR), Optimizely, Revinate, TimescaleDB, Yelp (IPO: YELP), and Zuora.

Previous Investments: Coremetrics (acquired by IBM), FriendFeed (acquired by Facebook), JBoss (acquired by RedHat), Lithium, Quip (acquired by Salesforce), Reactivity (acquired by Cisco), SpringSource (acquired by VMWare), Terracotta (acquired by Software AG), Twitter (IPO: TWTR), Wily Technology (acquired by CA), Xensource (acquired by Citrix), Zendesk (IPO: ZEN), Zenly (acquired by SNAP) and Zimbra (acquired by Yahoo!).

Peter has 3 children and lives in San Francisco. He is also on the boards of the San Francisco Opera and the California Academy of Sciences.

General Partner, Benchmark
× Ajay Kulkarni

Ajay Kulkarni

Ajay is the co-founder and CEO of Timescale. He has spent the last 15+ years analyzing various types of data: financial (2002-2004), mobile (2005-2014), and now time-series (2015+). A serial entrepreneur, Ajay previously co-founded communication data analysis company Sensobi, which was acquired in 2011 by GroupMe, which later was acquired by Skype, while Skype was being acquired by Microsoft. Ajay led the mobile engineering team at GroupMe, which grew to millions of daily users and billions of monthly messages over a short period of time.

Ajay got his first PC when he was 4 years old, and has been playing with computers ever since. His past experience includes roles at Citigroup, Microsoft, and several startups. Ajay holds Bachelors and Masters degrees from MIT in Computer Science, and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. He is an avid runner, and conscientiously maintains an up-to-date list of the top ice cream shops in NYC.

× Mike Freedman, PhD

Mike Freedman, PhD

Michael J. Freedman is the co-founder and CTO of Timescale, as well as a Full Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University. He did his PhD at NYU and Stanford, and his undergraduate and masters at MIT.

Freedman's work broadly focuses on distributed and storage systems, networking, and security, with publications having more than 12,000 citations. He developed CoralCDN (a decentralized content distribution network serving millions of daily users) and helped design Ethane (which formed the basis for OpenFlow / software-defined networking). He previously co-founded Illuminics Systems (acquired by Quova, now part of Neustar) and serves as a technical advisor to Blockstack.

Honors include a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (given by President Obama), SIGCOMM Test of Time Award, Sloan Fellowship, NSF CAREER, Office of Naval Research Young Investigator , and DARPA Computer Science Study Group.