Cloud PostgreSQL for demanding workloads

Focus on your App, not on your Database

Easy-to-use Cloud

  • Automatic PostgreSQL upgrades
  • Free ingress, egress, and backups
  • One click high availability
  • Pay for what you use storage
  • Infrastructure as code

Supercharged PostgreSQL

  • Automated dynamic data partitioning
  • Hybrid row-columnar storage
  • Advanced compression techniques
  • Specialized analysis functions
  • Transparent data tiering to object storage
  • Incremental up-to-date materializations

5-star ratings on G2

“Migration has been a very fun process. My colleagues barely had to touch Timescale while I was away. It just ran, and it worked great. I never had to check anything. It was working in production without any maintenance whatsoever.”

Bjorn Olafur Johannsson (Software Engineer, AVO)

Let us worry about the details

Deploy it right, every time

  • Focus on using PostgreSQL, not configuring, hardening, and maintaining complex clusters.
  • Sleep easy knowing that restoring from backups and failing over to a standby will work when you need it to.
  • Work smarter by spinning up new instances and changing compute resources from the web console, or from your code pipeline.
  • Schedule minor upgrades with no downtime, test major upgrades on a fork when you’re ready.
  • Everything you need for production, with multi-AZ high availability, read-replicas, forked instances, connection pooling, metric and log export, VPCs and multiple cloud users.
Deploy it right, every time

Use less resources to do more

Grow your app, not your costs

  • Cost-effective and flexible pricing with usage-based storage and dynamic compute options. Stop worrying about resource waste.
  • Increase performance with fewer compute resources plus custom optimizations for time-series data and analytics.
  • Stop worrying about size. No more running out of storage space, managing disk allocations, or getting stuck in the wrong CPU/memory configuration.
  • Simplified bills that you will understand, without backup, ingress/egress/data transfer, cost-per-query, or cost-per-data-scanned charges.
Deploy it right, every time

Don’t struggle with pg_stat_statements

Get insights into your queries

  • Find misbehaving queries before they bring your application down.
  • Per-query drill downs into execution times, row results, plans, memory buffer management, and cache performance.
  • Analyze query performance over time linking slow application performance to the queries which cause it.
Get insights into your queries

Never walk alone again

Get help when you need it

  • Rely on top-notch consultative support to unblock any hurdles—at no extra cost.
  • Sleep soundly knowing that a global ops and support team is 24x7 on the job, with deep experience building and managing Postgres at scale.
Get help when you need it
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