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Full SQL. Connect anything that speaks to PostgreSQL.


High rate writes. Performant complex queries. 100+ billion rows per server.


Engineered up from PostgreSQL. Inherit 20+ years of reliability.

Companies love TimescaleDB

Enabling a variety of powerful time-series queries

with the SQL you already know

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An open-source time-series database

Scaling SQL for high ingest rates

Packaged as an extension

Engineered up from PostgreSQL

Works with everything in the PostgreSQL ecosystem

“TimescaleDB is uniquely positioned in the time-series database market as the only serious player that scales up AND down, and natively supports a robust, proven SQL engine. There's a lot of value in being able to deploy the same tech on your IoT edge/gateway as you do in the cloud, and you can still leverage the full complement of SQL tools for reporting, administration, etc.”

- Shane O'Donnell, IoT Data Architect, Cree

“Using timescale to meet our data needs has been a breath of fresh air after using influxdb for the last year. We can iterate faster, use well-known querying methods, and leverage other postgresql integrations.”

- Mike Schroll, CTO, DNSFilter

“What's powerful about TimescaleDB is it offers a best-of-both-worlds solution with full SQL and scale, by leveraging architectural insights about the unique characteristics of time-series data. Combining that with the rich PostgreSQL ecosystem yields something compelling.”

- Ion Stoica, Professor at U.C. Berkeley, Co-founder & Chairman, Databricks

"As our fleet of home security systems have grown, TimescaleDB has scaled seamlessly with us, while still allowing us to get quick answers to complex questions. This helps us keep our core product online, proactively monitor our devices, perform retroactive root cause analysis, and make sure our customers are happy.”

- Haomiao Huang, CTO, Kuna Systems

"TimescaleDB is solving a real need with a powerful solution. They're an incredibly smart and driven bunch, and I've been really impressed with their product momentum so far.”

- Calvin French-Owen, CTO, Segment

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