Easy to Use

Full SQL. Connect anything that speaks to PostgreSQL.


High rate writes. Performant complex queries. 100+ billion rows per server.


Engineered up from PostgreSQL. Inherit 20+ years of reliability.

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  • Full SQL interface
  • Scale-out architecture
  • Auto partitions across space and time
  • Complex query predicates
  • Native JOINs with relational data
  • Labels and metrics support
  • Geo-spatial query support
  • Fine-grained access control
  • Reliable (active replication, backups)
  • Automated data retention policies

Engineered up from PostgreSQL. Packaged as an extension.

Rock-solid reliability

Trust in PostgreSQL’s 20-year open-source record and strong developer community

Mature ecosystem

Connect via standard ODBC, JDBC, or postgres for 3rd-party viz tools, BI tools, web platforms and ORMs

Standard interface

Leverage your team’s existing comfort with SQL and Postgres

Operational ease

Reuse known and trusted methods for backups, snapshots, replication, and other operational tasks

Connect third-party tools

via standard ODBC, JDBC, Postgres connectors

“We’re now using the data from Timescale heavily for our customer support operations. We’re really happy with it and are really benefitting from the service. Thank you!”

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