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The power of SQL for
time-series data

Familiar query language
Enriched data insights
PostgreSQL compatibility

Looks like PostgreSQL
Optimized for speed and scale

Optimized for speed and scale

How we extend PostgreSQL

Transparent, automatic partitioning

TimescaleDB automatically partitions data into time-based chunks to support faster performance at scale. Users interact with a single table that transparently manages chunks.

Optimized query engine

We modified the PostgreSQL insert path, execution engine, and query planner to intelligently process queries across chunks. We continue to leverage PostgreSQL’s battle-tested storage layer for the reliability you need to support mission critical workloads.

Time-series functionalities

TimescaleDB is architected for time-series and supports efficient data lifecycle management operations including data retention and archival policies. TimescaleDB also comes with time-series specific analytical functions for easier data manipulation.

Time-series data is everywhere

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Works with everything
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PGConf US: Jersey City, NJ
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