Postgres for time-series

High-performance PostgreSQL in the cloud. We've extended PostgreSQL for time-series and analytics, so you can build faster, scale further, and stay under budget.

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Speak SQL

Become instantly productive with full SQL. Rely on the same PostgreSQL you know, love, and trust.

Supercharge Queries

Hyperfunctions make time-series easier. Achieve 10-100x faster queries than with vanilla PostgreSQL, InfluxDB, MongoDB.

Scale big

Write millions of data points per second per node. Horizontally scale to petabytes. Don’t worry about cardinality.

Relational & time-series, together

Simplify your stack, ask more complex questions, and build more powerful applications.

Operate efficiently

Don’t break the bank. 94-97% compression rates from best-in-class algorithms. Downsample + retention policies. Decouple compute and storage.

Don’t worry, rest easy

You’re in trusted hands. Fully-managed TimescaleDB on AWS, Azure, or GCP in just one click. Top-rated support and ops available 24/7 worldwide.


Focus on your application layer. Let Timescale Cloud handle the rest.

  • Less hassle. More peace of mind with automatic backups, upgrades, and failover.
  • Maximize uptime. High availability, multi-AZ, and read replicas all in one click.
  • Test, deploy, and scale faster with one-click forking, dynamic resource sizing and autoscaling, plus expert support.
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Time-series data is everywhere.

Financial data

Developers can combine relentless streams of financial and tick data with other business data to build new apps and uncover unique insights.

Web3 / Crypto

Web3 developers need to ingest, analyze, and explore real-time cryptocurrency data, mining metrics, and blockchain activity.

Application metrics

Developers can understand how a product is used over time, make data-driven decisions about user segmentation, and identify the impact of product and business decisions.

Internet of Things

Developers need to track the performance of millions of devices and sensors with pinpoint geospatial and temporal accuracy.


Companies need to find and address infrastructure and application issues in real-time.

Developers 💛 Timescale

A familiar, flexible database that developers already know and love.

Yes, SQL.

No need to learn any strange new query languages.


Native-built SQL functions to make querying time-series data easier and faster.

It's just PostgreSQL.

Use the tools, frameworks, extensions, visualizations, and everything else you already have.

active databases and counting.

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