Speed with savings

Compute starts atUS$30/ month Storage isUS$0.177*/ GB month

* Effective storage price is based on 5x compression (avg customer savings)

Only pay for compute and the storage you use.

All essentials included, like:

  • Full automatic backups

  • Automatic disaster recovery

  • Rapid database recovery

  • Expert technical support

  • Data transfer

  • Data written

  • Or any other daily operations

  • Introducing Tiered Storage

    A low-cost infinite storage tier for data that is rarely accessed, to complement our standard high-performance storage tier.

    US$0.021 / GB mo for all Timescale regions
    Learn about Tiered Storage
    Introducing Timescale's Enterprise Tier

    Securely build, deploy and scale your business application with dedicated 24/7 expert support

    Explore Enterprise Tier

    Effortless scaling with greater cost-control

    Break free from fixed plans

    Take control of your costs with decoupled compute and storage billing, complete transparency, and no surprises. Get full scaling flexibility with usage-based storage, paying only for what you store without worrying about disk sizing. Scale your compute up and down anytime to optimally meet demand.

    Grow your data, not your storage costs

    Enable compression for a ≈5x reduction in your storage cost and keep scaling worry-free while enjoying blazing-fast query performance. Tier your long-term data to S3 storage for even more savings.

    Do more with less

    Save in compute resources thanks to Timescale’s lightning-fast performance, with 44% faster ingests and 350x faster queries than Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL. Handle millisecond query speeds and heavy writes even with less CPU.

    Scaling illustration

    Focus on your application. Not your database.

  • Automatic backups

  • Failover

  • High availability

  • Automatic upgrades

  • Usage-based storage

  • Forking

  • Read replicas

  • Direct vendor support

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