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Keep scaling PostgreSQL with Timescale compression

5x reduction in storage footprint, up to 1000x faster analytics queries

A solution to store more data in smaller disks. Achieve +90% compression rates and get millisecond performance for your analytical queries—even when your tables reach billions of rows.


“For one of our larger customers, we normally store about 64 GB of uncompressed data per day. With compression, we’ve seen, on average, a 97 percent reduction.”

From the Dev Q&A with Michael Gagliardo, Software Architect at

Reduce your PostgreSQL database storage size

Timescale compression achieves unparalleled compression rates in PostgreSQL by combining an innovative columnar compression design with type-specific compression algorithms. Experience compression rates of +90% and immediately shrink your PostgreSQL storage requirements.

Reduce your PostgreSQL database storage size

Speed up your analytical queries

Thanks to its columnar storage design, Timescale compression improves the speed of your analytical queries looking at aggregated values (deep-and-narrow). They’ll stay at milliseconds even when looking at billions of rows.

-- Show max value for specified time frame

SELECT max(fare_amount)
FROM demo.yellow_compressed_ht
    tpep_pickup_datetime >= ‘2019-09-01’ AND
    tpep_pickup_datetime <= ‘2019-09-01’;

(1 row)

-- Time before compression: 4.7 s
-- Time after compression: 77.1 ms

Pay less for storage as your data ages

Leverage Tiered Storage in the Timescale platform to increase your storage savings the more your data grows. Once your data becomes older and infrequently accessed, tier it to our low-cost storage built on S3 and keep all your historical data in your database for a fraction of the cost.

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Pay less for storage as your data ages
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cost reduction

For an example of what this looks like in action, check out our docs page on how energy companies set up their time-series database.

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