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The Timescale brand stands for truth, helpfulness, kindness, and whimsy. We believe in communicating honestly with developers. We believe that everything we do should help, first and foremost: help developers solve problems, help move the industry forward technically, help our industry become more open and welcoming to all. We believe that everything we do should be borne out of kindness. And we believe we should have fun while we work.


Our mascot EON

EON is our mascot. EON is gender neutral and EON’s pronouns are they/their/them. EON should be used sparingly in technical and marketing content. EON is the registered trademark of Timescale, but we encourage you to use EON in any way that reflects positively on Timescale, provided that you credit Timescale and provide a link to our homepage.

Driver EON

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General theme

Pride theme

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Timescale Brand Shop

We’re biased, but our mascot, Eon, makes time-series data that much more fun. We offer all-time classics and limited edition items at cost, so you can select your favorite items and check back for the latest designs.

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The second-easiest way is to join our Timescale Heroes program. Timescale Heroes get exclusive swag that’s usually only available to Timescale Team members.

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