Announcing the New Timescale

Announcing the New Timescale

We used to be a database company with a cloud product. Now we are a cloud company with a database product.

Today, we are excited to announce some major changes. These changes represent another step in our journey as we build the next great database company to power the future of computing:

  • Timescale Cloud, our main cloud product, is now just “Timescale,” our primary product.
  • TimescaleDB will continue as our open-source PostgreSQL extension for time series and a key part of the Timescale offering. We will not only continue to improve the TimescaleDB extension but also work with other PostgreSQL extensions to better serve our community and customers.
  • To match our change in identity, we are also evolving our brand with a new logo and color palette.

These changes represent an evolution of our business. We used to be a database company with a cloud product. Now we are a cloud company with a database product.

This is the new Timescale.

Old Timescale logo vs. new
Old Timescale logo vs. new

And this is just the beginning. There is much more to come in the next few months.

To see the new Timescale, please visit our new website.

To learn more about these changes, please read on.

Building a Database Business in the Cloud Era (Version 3)

We first launched Timescale over six years ago. In those years, we had a front-row seat to a major shift in developer needs to the cloud. Back then, cloud was an afterthought, just one way to deploy database software.

But today, we see the dominance of cloud-first architectures, where developers often choose not between database software products but between database cloud products.

In response to that shift, over the past several years, we’ve made bold, industry-leading moves, including:

  • Announcing the Timescale License (2018), a new source-available software license that preserves the openness of open source while allowing us to build a sustainable business. (In particular, while other database companies have relicensed their open-source software to proprietary licenses, we have never re-licensed our open-source software.) This was version 1.
  • Going "all in" commercially on Cloud (2020), when we made all of our software features free, we decided to monetize solely via our cloud service and added rights to the Timescale License. At a time when other database companies were locking down their products and making them even more closed, we went the other way, opening up our Timescale License by adding the “right-to-repair” and the “right-to-improve” and eliminating the paid enterprise tier and usage limits altogether (thus establishing that all of our software will be available for free). This was version 2.

Today’s changes are “version 3”: another step in our journey of serving developers worldwide as they move toward more cloud-first deployments.

By continuing to embrace the cloud, we have an opportunity to reinvent the database

Working with thousands of companies, we have realized this: the cloud is a tectonic shift in how software infrastructure is distributed and consumed, and we are still in the early stages of this change. By continuing to embrace the cloud, we have an opportunity to reinvent the database.

Reinventing the Database in the Cloud

When we started this company, “cloud-native” was already a common buzzword, so we assumed the industry had already figured out how to build cloud-native databases.

But as we started listening to our customers and built solutions to their problems, we realized there was still a lot of untapped potential in what a database could offer in the cloud.

For example, over a year ago, we began developing data tiering to S3, a feature launched earlier this year in early access. This unique capability, exclusively available in our cloud product, enables developers to effortlessly scale PostgreSQL tables from disk to object storage, achieving limitless database scalability at a minimal cost.

We could have chosen to build this feature in our database software product. But by building it natively in our cloud offering, we were able to deliver a far better user experience for customers in a far shorter amount of time.

Based on that experience, we have identified and are now developing more cloud-native features to solve big developer problems. Today’s changes are setting the foundation for that future work.

Timescale Cloud and TimescaleDB

The first major change we are making today is renaming our cloud product from “Timescale Cloud” to just “Timescale.”

As we started to consider more and more cloud-native database architectures, we realized that the “cloud” suffix felt like an anachronism, a symbol of the past, something redundant. It felt like calling your iPhone a “Smart Phone.” It’s just a phone.

Just like most people today have a phone that is “smart,” we believe most developers will soon be consuming their database infrastructure via a “cloud” platform.

At the same time, we have a large open-source community of tens of thousands of businesses using our TimescaleDB open-source product. So we will continually develop features in that extension—but only when it provides the best user experience. E.g., improvements to hypertables, compression, and continuous aggregates—some key features that define TimescaleDB—will continue to occur inside the extension.

Timescale is more than just a PostgreSQL extension. Timescale is “supercharged PostgreSQL” (or PostgreSQL++): PostgreSQL made easier, faster, and more cost-effective

So our PostgreSQL extension will remain “TimescaleDB.” But our main product will be “Timescale,” which will continue to offer TimescaleDB, but also much more, like data tiering to S3.

Changing Our Stripes

Last December, we finalized a completely new brand for Timescale. It was hard to keep this a secret, and today, five months later, we are thrilled to finally share this with you.

Timescale is PostgreSQL Supercharged

This rebrand underscores our evolution as a company. We started with building a PostgreSQL extension for time series, but now Timescale is more than just a PostgreSQL extension. Timescale is “supercharged PostgreSQL” (or PostgreSQL++): PostgreSQL made easier, faster, and more cost-effective. So we wanted to inject a “charged” feeling into the identity system.

Electric yellow

We updated our color palette to support our evolved identity.

We retained yellow as the primary color but amped it to an “electric” version that feels bolder while using darker background colors to highlight the contrast.

The story behind the color: during an especially fun brainstorming session, one of us (Ajay) was reminiscing about playing Street Fighter II as a kid at his best friend’s house and how one of the characters “electrified” as their special move. And thus, “Blanka yellow” became the inspiration behind our primary color, “electric yellow.”

Along with the yellow, we added a more restrained blue and purple in the palette to give us the flexibility to shift and project a warm, softer image when necessary.

The new Timescale color palette
The new Timescale color palette

This color palette is now expressed in our website, cloud console, and docs.

The new Timescale homepage
The new Timescale homepage
Timescale Docs
The Timescale Docs
The Services overview page in the rebranded Timescale UI
The Services overview page in the rebranded Timescale UI

A New Timescale Tiger

We have always embraced the “tiger” as the personification of our database: fast and powerful. We now have a new tiger logo, which pays tribute to our brand’s heritage while also evolving it to feel more modern, innovative, and optimistic.

The evolution of the Timescale tiger
The evolution of the Timescale tiger

The new Timescale tiger is forward-facing, signaling an innovative, forward-looking, optimistic company. It is less aggressive and more hopeful. It is also designed to scale up and down more easily.

Our "tiger" stripes represent the dynamic character of time-series data
Our "tiger" stripes represent the dynamic character of time-series data

The tiger “stripes” carry through to the entirety of the identity system. Dynamic and twisting, they are inspired by data: ever-changing, alive, and on the move.

More to Come

This is just the beginning. With these changes today, we are laying the groundwork for more awesomeness as we continue to serve developers worldwide and power the future of computing. Stay tuned.

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