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Timescale Timeout: The History and Basics of PostgreSQL

Timescale Timeout: The History and Basics of PostgreSQL

Welcome to the second installment of Timescale Timeout, a series of dev-to-dev talks about data-intensive applications, from individual projects to industry technologies, from best moments to lessons learned by cloud-native application developers.

In this two-part episode, I spoke to my colleague and fellow Timescale developer advocate, Kirk Roybal. Together, we dived into the history of PostgreSQL, how it has evolved over the years, its use cases and competitive advantages over other databases, and so much more.

Kirk is a great storyteller and, in his own words, a genuine “PostgreSQL guy.” So, if you’re interested in learning more about how PostgreSQL works under the hood, its origins, and cool tips for users of all levels, including useful extensions, check this out. It will be worth your time.

In the second episode, we carried on our conversation about the history of PostgreSQL by discussing the birth of extensions, tips on avoiding common beginner mistakes, and book recommendations.

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(This post was originally published in late January 2023 with only the first video and updated in early February 2023 to include both episodes.)

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