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PGSQL Phriday #17

PGSQL Phriday #17
For those that don't know, PGSQL Phriday is a monthly blogging event that’s hosted by members of the PostgreSQL community.

The idea was partly inspired by the State of PostgreSQL Survey, which is hosted by Timescale each year. In the 2022 survey results, “long-form” and “short-form” blog posts were the second and third most popular source of information for all respondents.

The Challenge

This week I've been given the honor of hosting PGSQL Phriday, and I'd like to hear some opinions on the largest elephant in the room (and it’s not Slonik this time!): Artificial Intelligence.

We are in the middle of an AI Summer, with bigger and bigger advances every month. Almost every company, every product, and seemingly every developer, has their own opinion on what’s happening and why it’s important in their own corner of the tech world. But how does all this relate to our beloved PostgreSQL? I’d love to see blog posts from anyone and everyone who has thoughts on the two key questions below.

I know a lot of products, extensions, and startups already exist in this space, I'd love to hear what you're all up to! As always, counterpoints are welcome, if you've got concerns about AI and PostgreSQL, let us know.

Where Do You Think PostgreSQL Can Help With AI?

Maybe you're all about machine learning and creating models, or maybe you see PostgreSQL continuing to evolve as a vector store. Where do you think PostgreSQL can make a lasting impact in the AI world, and why do you think it’s the right database for the job?

Where Do You Think AI Can Help With PostgreSQL?

Some people find writing complex SQL hard. Can AI help with that? What about tuning your PostgreSQL server or even scaling under load? How much can AI help with the tasks that PostgreSQL professionals work with daily? Where do you think the line is for trusting AI-generated assistance?

The Rules 

As usual, the guidelines for participating are as follows:

  1. Write your article and post it somewhere on Friday, June 14, at any time. We’re pretty lenient, so if you post it early or sometime over the following weekend, that’s okay.
  2. Use “PGSQL Phriday #017” or “#PGSQLPhriday 017” in the title or first paragraph of your post.
  3. Link back to this invitation post at If you don’t, it may not get included in the final summary post.
  4. Announce your post somewhere on social media or the #pgsqlphriday channel on the PostgreSQL Slack. Use the hashtag #pgsqlphriday to get noticed and included.
  5. Have fun writing!
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