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A PostgreSQL cloud platform engineered for your most demanding data needs. Built for scale, speed, and savings.


“What would we use if Timescale didn’t exist is one of those topics that I like not to think about because it gives me anxiety.”

Brock Friedrich, software engineer at Density
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Boost your performance exponentially

  • Write millions of data points per second
  • Improve query performance by 1,000x or more*
  • Impress your users with millisecond response times for complex aggregate queries for time series, events, and analytics
  • Perform complex data analysis faster, with more than 100 built-in SQL hyperfunctions for analytics in fewer lines of code
*compared to vanilla PostgreSQL
Single query latency chart

“Compared to Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, Timescale consolidates a lot of the costs associated with operating our instance in AWS — we now have a simpler bill that makes it easier to forecast costs.”

Carlos Olmos, software engineer at Everactive

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Control costs with no concessions

  • Save 90%+ storage space with our advanced compression algorithms
  • Reduce your storage footprint automatically via data retention policies and continuous aggregations
  • Scale infinitely without paying per query: tier your old data into object storage built on Amazon S3
  • Increase your performance with fewer compute resources with our custom optimizations for time-series data and analytics
  • Cost-effective and flexible pricing with usage-based storage and a variety of compute options that you can resize anytime
  • Rely on top-notch consultative support to unblock any hurdles—at no extra cost
  • Receive a simplified bill that you will understand
Finally, a call that’s worth jumping on.

Learn how you can save up to 52% on your database bill vs. Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL.

Enjoy a better PostgreSQL

  • Accelerate your development with 44% higher ingest rates, up to 350x faster queries, and 95% storage savings for time-series data*
  • Get everything (and more) you rely on PostgreSQL to provide—excellent dev experience, rich ecosystem, tools, and connectors
  • Onboard seamlessly—it’s 100% SQL, not “SQL-like”
*compared to Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL
SQL query example
G2Score.svg5-star ratings on G2

“A performant time-series database built on the rock-solid PostgreSQL, with stellar support to boot.“

Enterprise with 1,001-5,000 employees
storage autoscaling limits and customize disk size

Focus on your application, not your database

  • Save time with automatic backups, upgrades, and failover.
  • Build faster with one-click high availability with multiple AZs.
  • Schedule background jobs to automate common tasks, such as tracking billing or exporting data.

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