Timescale Cloud

High-performance PostgreSQL for time-series and analytics

Build better time-series applications faster, at a fraction of the cost

Perform at scale

  • Write millions of data points per second.
  • Up to 1000x faster time-series queries thanks to hypertables and query planner improvements.
  • Millisecond response times for complex aggregate queries with continuous aggregates.
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Keep costs under control

  • 90% storage savings via best-in-class compression algorithms.
  • Automatically store data at varying granularities to reduce storage footprint via data retention policies and continuous aggregations.
  • More performance from less compute and storage resources, thanks to purpose-built optimizations for time-series and analytics workloads.
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Build better applications faster

  • More than 100 built-in SQL hyperfunctions for complex analytics in fewer lines of code, such as count approximations, statistical aggregates, and downsampling.
  • Schedule background jobs in the database to automate common tasks, such as tracking billing or exporting data.
  • Get world-class technical consultancy and support at no extra cost.
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Focus on your application, not your database

  • Automatic backups, upgrades, and failover.
  • High availability in one click with multi AZ.
  • Flexible scaling with independent compute and storage.
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Relax. It’s just PostgreSQL.

  • Built on a Postgres foundation— not a new database or a fork.
  • 100% SQL, not “SQL-like”.
  • All the reliability and dependability of Postgres with its entire ecosystem of tools and connectors.
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Cloud Features

Time-series analytics

Automatic partitioning via hypertables

Built-in flexible time bucketing

Continuous aggregations

Advanced analytical functions

Full SQL

Join time-series and relational tables

Optimized time-based constraint exclusion

Full ecosystem of PostgreSQL plug-ins

Data lifecycle management

+90% storage reduction via compression

Automated data retention policies

Automated downsampling

User-defined actions

Automated data reordering on disk

Operational management

AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform

Choice of 76 deployment options

Independent compute and storage

Up to 16TB

Storage autoscaling

Instant pause/resume

High availability via multi-AZ replicas

Database forking

Automated backup and recovery

Automated upgrades via maintenance windows

Metrics export via Datadog, CloudWatch

Highly-rated support team available for consultative advice

Security and Compliance

Role-based access control

Data encrypted at rest and in transit

Advanced network security - VPC peering, IP whitelisting

Data compliance

Multiple payment methods

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