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Flexible and transparent pricing, optimized data storage, and lightning-fast performance for less.

Effortless scaling with greater cost control

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Take control of your bill with complete transparency and no extra charges for queries. Decoupled compute and storage gives you the flexibility to scale your resources independently and grow with one click, while avoiding full disks with storage autoscaling.

Grow your data, not your storage costs

Efficiently store more data for longer with columnar compression, achieving 94-97% compression rates and lower storage costs than vanilla PostgreSQL. Scale infinitely via bottomless object storage built on top of Amazon S3, paying only for what you use.

Do more with less

Experience lightning-fast performance with 44% faster ingests and 350x faster queries than Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL. Get millisecond query speeds and heavy writes from less compute resources.


Get help from a team of database experts at no extra cost.

Focus on your application.

Not your database.

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