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Understanding PostgreSQL Functions

PostgreSQL, a powerful open-source relational database system, offers a myriad of functions that are essential for data analysis, manipulation, and processing. This guide will provide you with a comprehensive list of PostgreSQL built-in functions, complete with brief descriptions, code snippets, and Timescale custom SQL queries that will take your data analysis to another level.

Use Timescale Functions for Hyper Speed and Ease 

Now that you’ve learned the basics of PostgreSQL functions, it’s time for a better alternative. Hyperfunctions are a series of SQL functions within TimescaleDB that make it easier to manipulate and analyze time-series data in PostgreSQL with fewer lines of code. 

You can use hyperfunctions to calculate percentile approximations of data, compute time-weighted averages, downsample and smooth data, and perform faster COUNT DISTINCT queries using approximations. Moreover, hyperfunctions are simple to use: you call a hyperfunction using the same SQL syntax you know and love. 

Learn more about hyperfunctions on our Docs page.

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