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Crypto-asset Analysis

Store and analyze crypto-asset price, trade and relational information all in one place. Power real-time APIs and user-facing views with fast data ingestion and enhanced SQL functions. Create and analyze candlesticks right in the database using continuous aggregates.

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Blockchain Exploration

Petabyte scale storage and querying of historical data help you better understand protocol and cross-chain activity and gain operational insight into networks. Fast real-time data ingestion and queries on high cardinality data help you analyze node performance, assess network health and learn about anomalies as soon as they happen.

NFT Trends

Power your NFT marketplace or NFT intelligence tool and delight your users with real-time and historical data about individual NFTs, collections and artists. For investors, use Timescale to explore trends, compare historical performance and use data to fuel your investment decisions.

“Timescale has built a brilliant abstraction layer on top of PostgreSQL that lets us treat our gigantic data sets like they're in one table. At Messari, we have time-series data coming in by the tens or hundreds of thousands of rows per minute, 24/7/365. Because it's Postgres, there are no surprises in terms of how to query the data later and it's a lot easier to build new functionality on top of our core database layer than with similar products.”

Adam Inoue, Software Engineer

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Built for (web3) scale

Power your crypto products and applications with the open-source relational database purpose-built for time-series and analytics.

Supercharged PostgreSQL

Use the database and SQL you know and love.

Accelerated performance

Unmatched performance for whatever blockchain analysis you can throw at it

Massive scale

Write millions of data points per second and scale to petabytes scale to petabytes of crypto data.

Enhanced SQL

Use TimescaleDB hyperfunctions to query and analyze your crypto data with ease.

Worry-free operations

The dependable solution for your crypto apps.

Lower costs

Spend less with 94-97% compression rates from best-in-class algorithms and other performance improvements.

"By choosing TimescaleDB, we shaved off months from our minimum viable product development time. The advanced time-series features enable us to produce top-notch market data feeds. TimescaleDB's open-source community has been super helpful for troubleshooting issues and guiding how to implement optimisations."

Mikko Ohtamaa, CEO

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