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Cloud-native PostgreSQL for time-series, events, and analytics that integrates seamlessly into your AWS stack.

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It’s PostgreSQL but better

110% PostgreSQL

Scale PostgreSQL for time-series, events, and analytics with automatic time-based partitioning and indexing, incrementally-updated materialized views, columnar compression, and time-series hyperfunctions. Build with the familiarity of the PostgreSQL you know and love.

Built for price performance

Scale efficiently

10-1000x faster queries than vanilla PostgreSQL, AWS Timestream, InfluxDB, and MongoDB. Give your users answers in milliseconds, not minutes. Get 90+% storage savings with columnar compression. Seamlessly tier data into consumption-based object storage. Grow effortlessly with vertical and horizontal cloud-native scaling. Save with bottomless data tiering to Amazon S3.

A smoother route from MVP to GA

Build faster

Programmatic APIs, one-click forking, and hyperfunctions give you instant productivity. Automated policies for downsampling, data retention, compression, and tiering enable you to easily control the granularity and length of time data is stored. Schedule background jobs in the database to automate common tasks. Use more than 100 built-in functions for easier analysis of complex data for faster application development.

Built for cloud-native infrastructure

Do more in AWS

Tier your data to Amazon S3. Use Amazon VPC to peer your databases to infrastructure in any AWS region. Monitor your memory, CPU and storage with Amazon CloudWatch. Leverage AWS Lambda, AWS IoT, AWS Kinesis and much more.

“Timescale Cloud integrated seamlessly into our AWS data pipeline with AWS IoT Greengrass, AWS Kinesis, and AWS Lambda to help power our controlled environment agriculture platform.”

Mark Thompson, , Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Square Roots

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