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Trading Strategy

Trading Strategy is a protocol for algorithmic trading of crypto assets in decentralized markets. Cryptocurrency traders and strategy developers can utilize the protocol to easily access and trade on next-generation markets with sophisticated tools traditionally available only for hedge funds. Trading Strategy integrates market data feeds for thousands of crypto assets, algorithm development, profitability simulation, trade execution, and smart contract-based treasury management tools into one vertically integrated package.

Trading Strategy collects the raw data directly from the blockchains. Most market data is heavily time series, though there are also elements of product catalog features, like different trading pairs, tokens, and exchanges. They were looking for a database that would scale with both of their workloads: historical datasets that are challenging size-wise and real-time data feeds for algorithms that are challenging latency-wise.

Trading Strategy chose Timescale over other time-series databases because of its solid PostgreSQL foundation, easy, out-of-the-box functionality, and well-documented code examples. Due to the powerful combination of PostgreSQL and Timescale, Trading Strategy can store the data in a single database, making it simple for software developers to build on top of it, saving on software development costs.

IndustryFintech & CryptoUse caseReal time, dashboards, customer-facing applicationImpact
Improved developer productivityWorry-free database maintenanceLower operational costs
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We shaved off months from our minimum viable product development time by choosing Timescale. The advanced time-series features enable us to produce top-notch market data feeds.

Mikko Ohtamaa, CEO at Trading Strategy

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