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Sentinel Marine Solutions

Sentinel is a leading provider of maritime fleet management solutions. Sentinel Marine Solutions develops and manufactures software and hardware for monitoring and controlling modern boat systems. They offer solutions for boat and fleet owners, as well as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Sentinel’s technology simplifies boat maintenance, prevents unexpected damage, and allows owners to connect and interact with their boats. Sentinel’s sophisticated monitoring system can collect data on metrics such as real-time location, remaining range and state of charge, travel distance, fuel levels, and much more.

The fleet of boats Sentinel manages has grown rapidly since 2017. As a result, they started experiencing degraded performance when writing sensor data into their database, PostgreSQL. Additionally, their customers began encountering slow loading times when trying to access historical data.

As a temporary solution, Sentinel improved some performance issues by tuning PostgreSQL’s configuration parameters and adjusting their application code. However, they knew it was only a matter of time before the issues became severe again, and they needed to find a permanent solution.

By selecting Timescale, Sentinel can JOIN their relational data (customer and business information), time-series data (fleet management), and geospatial data (fleet location) all within a single system. This eliminates the need to store data in various places and reduces the operational complexities of managing multiple databases.

Additionally, the combination of fast data processing made possible by Timescale, and the power of PostGIS spatial functions, help them to quickly test and iterate on new ideas and bring them to production. Sentinel has also seen tremendous gains in developer productivity.

IndustryTransporation & LogisticsUse caseDashboards, customer-facing applicationImpact
Improved developer productivityBetter customer experienceReduced operational complexity

Timescale allows us to scale our services without introducing completely new technologies to the mix. As PostgreSQL users, Timescale adds very little maintenance overhead compared to learning and maintaining a brand new database system (Cassandra, Influx, or other). This is important so that we can keep the team small and agile and stay focused on features, not infrastructure.

Pedro Kostelec, CTO at Sentinel Marine Solutions

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