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SAKURA internet

SAKURA internet is a leading internet infrastructure service provider for businesses and individuals in Japan. They take pride in offering their customers high-quality, low-cost IT platforms and outstanding operational performance. They have one of the highest capacity backbones in Japan, making them an ideal environment for businesses looking for mission-critical hosting services.

Prior to using Timescale, the SAKURA internet team used RRDtool to store traffic volume trend data. However, RRDtool presented several operational challenges and required a lot of manual servicing. The team also evaluated InfluxDB but found it could not satisfy their ingest requirements. They started to search for an alternative time-series database and came across Timescale.

Moving to Timescale allowed SAKURA internet to insert raw traffic samples directly into their database. Their in-house application collects one minute of aggregated samples with many metrics and inserts the aggregated data into Timescale.

Currently, their insert rates are about 150-350 K rows per minute, completed in 2-5 seconds. Additionally, since Timescale has full SQL support, SAKURA internet leverages subselects, outer JOINs, and conditional expressions when querying data. The SAKURA team also leverages Timescale native compression to significantly save on storage costs while continuing to collect terabytes of time-series data.

IndustryInternet & TelecomUse caseMonitoring, metricsImpact
Stable performanceSignificantly improved insert rates94% of storage savings with compression

Compression ratio is jaw-droppingly high. When compressing a single hypertable in Timescale, we receive 77 GB of compressed data from 1396 GB of uncompressed data. That is 94% compression ratio.

Tamihiro Lee, Network Engineer at SAKURA internet

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