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Nocodelytics is an analytics product built specifically for the website building and hosting company Webflow. They are processing millions of events from various websites and turning them into insightful dashboards. Some of their customers see huge spikes in traffic, so Nocodelytics must be able to record and ingest millions of events without crashing down.

Initially, Nocodelytics used PostgreSQL. As the size of the database grew very fast to millions of rows, the dashboards became sluggish. Queries for customers with a lot of traffic took several minutes or even timed out. The Nocodelytics team started looking for an alternative solution that would be quick to learn, involve a minimal amount of code, and simplify the migration path. They tried ClickHouse, Amazon Athena, and InfluxDB, but none met their needs.

Switching to Timescale was simple because it is just PostgreSQL but much faster. Nocodelytics makes queries up to six times less costly using a wide table layout and saves storage with Timescale's compression feature.

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Fast queriesSimple migrationSignificant storage savings

I’m using Timescale because it’s the same as PostgreSQL but magically faster.

Florian Herrengt, Co-founder at Nocodelytics

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