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Messari is a data analytics and research company on a mission to organize and contextualize information for crypto professionals. Using Messari, everyone from individual analysts to enterprises can dissect, research, and stay on the cutting edge of the crypto world—all while trusting the integrity of the underlying data.

Messari used InfluxDB for a vast amount of ingestion and continuous aggregation in addition to around-the-clock queries for user requests. The continuous queries would lag a few minutes behind real-time ingestion and, at times, would occasionally fail to pick up a trade ingested out of order. These performance issues, alongside the challenges of a NoSQL database, made it clear that InfluxDB wouldn’t scale with them.

Switching rollups to Timescale's continuous aggregates has ensured they are never out of date, and they can easily refresh the proper time range when they receive an out-of-order batch of trades or are backfilling data.

Moving to Timescale has improved Messari’s performance. They saw an average of ~40 ms improvement in INSERT and SELECT queries.

Looking ahead, Messari plans to use Timescale to derive metrics from multiple existing data sets with simple JOIN clauses. That was not possible before with InfluxDB.

IndustryFintech & CryptoUse caseReal time, customer-facing application, dashboardsImpact
Query improvementsReal time continuous aggregatesImproved developer experience
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The shortened and stabilized backlogs, ease of deriving metrics from multiple existing datasets, and the ability to use simple JOINs in one query to quickly return all the data needed to derive a new metric have all contributed to Messari’s success. In addition, the PostgreSQL interface and easy-to-visualize live database dashboards, complete with all table definitions, chunks, policies, etc., have made for a better developer experience.

Adam Inoue, Technical Lead at Messari

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