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Founded in 2005, this award-winning stop-motion animation studio is best known for its critically acclaimed feature films, including Paranorman, The Boxtrolls, Coraline, and most recently, Golden Globe-winning Missing Link. With their large quantities of render farms, workstations, and virtual machines, LAIKA’s devices produce enormous amounts of IT metrics and time-series data.

LAIKA requires large amounts of data processing and storage while creating and editing its animated content. The team evaluated OpenTSDB and InfluxDB. Ultimately, they ended up selecting InfluxDB but said they “regretted it shortly thereafter” since InfluxDB did not prove to be scalable nor resource-efficient for their workload. The infrastructure team felt that with a different system, they could handle a much bigger workload than InfluxDB managed at the time without changing their existing hardware.

After eight months of using InfluxDB, they discovered Timescale and started aggressively migrating their data. The team reported a notable performance boost when performing complex queries after the transition. Since the team at LAIKA had years and years of data stored in PostgreSQL, they were excited to add Timescale, which allowed them to finally perform cross-join queries to answer complex questions about their data. 

Timescale allowed the team to consolidate metrics from all of LAIKA’s host machines into one central, high-performance, reliable time-series database.

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Notable performance boostIncreased developer productivityFaster queries
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We could foresee that our internal database, InfluxDB, was not scalable nor resource-efficient for our workload. Since we are huge fans of PostgreSQL, Timescale was a natural solution. The transition allowed us to retire complex internal applications and immediately allowed us to correlate licensing data with farm usage. We are very pleased with Timescale's ability to serve as a sophisticated database system that does not require much manual servicing.

Mahlon Smith, Senior Technologist at LAIKA

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