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Jane is an IoT solution in the eldercare space that enables seniors to safely enjoy independent living in the comfort of their own homes for longer without professional help. Jane uses a combination of motion sensors, alarm buttons, and the Jane application to keep the care circle aware of how a senior is doing at all times.

Jane works with immutable, time-sensitive motion data. When they began tracking this data, they had to write functions that could be error-prone and needed someone to manually maintain scripts for data retention. This led to high server costs and increased processing time.

Timescale's features, such as continuous aggregates and hyperfunctions, eliminated the manual effort required by the backend team to write functions and manage scripts. This resulted in both time savings and error reduction. Features such as compression significantly reduced server costs, and familiarity with PostgreSQL ensured easy development.

IndustryIoT: MedTechUse caseCustomer-facing application, monitoring, analyticsImpact
Eliminated manual effortCost savingsEase of development

Migrating from vanilla PostgreSQL, the main benefits of Timescale for our team are the ease of development and reduced costs. Timescale's hyperfunctions, such as time_bucket, significantly reduce our development time, and continuous aggregates make it easier to analyze high volumes of data with lower server costs. We're looking forward to Timescale's new object storage on Amazon S3, which will reduce costs even more.

Evert Van Cauwenberg, CTO at Jane

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