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CloudQuery is an open-source cloud asset inventory powered by SQL. CloudQuery extracts, transforms, and loads cloud assets into normalized PostgreSQL tables, enabling developers to assess, audit, and monitor the configurations of their cloud assets. Queryable cloud asset inventory is key in solving many core challenges in the cloud, such as security, compliance, search, cost, and IaC (infrastructure as code) drift detection.

With some good experience with PostgreSQL, the CloudQuery team tried PostgreSQL partitioning, which quickly turned out to be more challenging than expected, hard to maintain and manage, lacking simply creatable retention policies, and bucketing queries. They started looking for an open-source alternative based on PostgreSQL, pluggable into their SDK, and that allowed them to query current and historical data.

Timescale’s hyperfunction feature allows CloudQuery to create historical snapshots simply and effectively and gives their users a transparent and automated way to manage their data while still maintaining scalability.

IndustryCloud Infrastructure & Dev ToolsUse caseMonitoring, customer-facing applicationImpact
Improved developer productivityEase of scaling
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Given CloudQuery uses PostgreSQL under the hood, supporting historical snapshots in a scalable way usually involves partitioning. Timescale’s create_hypertable feature allows us to do just that in a simple and effective way giving our users a transparent and automated way to manage their data while still maintaining scalability.

Ron Eliahu, CTO and co-founder of CloudQuery

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