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[New Webinar] Time-Series for Developers: WTH is Time-Series?

[New Webinar] Time-Series for Developers: WTH is Time-Series?

Join us for a code-focused, technical session focused on the how of time-series

Our “What the Heck is Time-Series”  blog is one of our most popular posts, providing foundational knowledge about time-series and time-series databases that helps developers understand the basic what, when, and why.

As a Developer Advocate, I attend conferences, meetups, and talk to community members every day about time-series data and how they can leverage it. I often hear questions like, “What makes time-series data different from other data?”; “How do I use it in my projects and systems?”; “I get the basics, but what do I do next?”

So, to address those questions, we’ve created a new code-focused technical session based on our popular blog, aptly named “Time-Series for Developers: What the Heck is Time-Series Data?”. This session will show developers the how (and help long-time TimescaleDB users brush up on the basics).

Join me on Wednesday, January 26th at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm GMT for 30 mins of code, step-by-step demos, and ways to apply time-series concepts to your everyday work. (I’ll keep it light on theory, I promise.)

Screenshot of SQL queries
Sneak peek from our dry-run earlier this week

During the session, you will:

  • Get a concrete definition of time-series data
  • See examples of time-series data in real scenarios (incl. eCommerce deliveries and movie production)
  • Learn 3 queries that you can use immediately
  • Use time-series data to analyze a real transportation dataset and answer questions like “Which airport is a better choice?” and “How can taxi companies reduce their carbon footprint?”

RSVP here.

Myself and other time-series experts will be on hand to answer your questions. We’ll send the recording, resources, and demos to all who register, so you can kickstart your time-series journey.

Chat question UI from Zoom webinar with mock questions
Sneak peek # 2 - bring your questions, we’re ready.

Sign up even if you’re unable to attend live - you’ll receive all resources via email shortly following the session.

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