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How to Spin Up an Instance in 30 Seconds and Add Time-Series Data to Your Database

How to Spin Up an Instance in 30 Seconds and Add Time-Series Data to Your Database

Tracking and analyzing change has become one of the most valuable commodities in a constantly evolving world. Regardless of their size, businesses, governments, and other organizations are collecting data to measure, analyze, and ultimately understand what is changing, how it’s changing, and why it’s changing. And for that, few types of data give us better insight than time-series data.

Time-series data allows you to track change over time, from milliseconds to even years. While deeply informative, it is also unforgiving and pervasive. Those working with time-series data will most likely end up with massive amounts of information to manage, query, and store.

That’s where Timescale comes in—an easy, innovative, and cost-effective solution to store and analyze your time-series data. We offer a 30-day free trial for new sign-ups, no credit card required.

Okay, okay, we know that seeing is believing. Follow us.

Spin Up Your Time-Series Data Instance in 30 Seconds

If you want to check how you can really (really!) spin up your first Timescale instance in 30 seconds, watch the following video.

And, if you’re working with time-series data—which we kind of know you are—keep scrolling down. We will walk you through the process of ingesting time-series data into your Timescale from a CSV file.

Try Timescale Today

Now that you’ve seen it in action and we helped you get started—go for it! Try Timescale for free and start querying, analyzing, and storing your time-series data like never before.

Ingest and query in milliseconds, even at terabyte scale.
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