Do More on AWS With Timescale: VPC Peering

Do More on AWS With Timescale: VPC Peering

A few months ago, I co-wrote a blog post about how you can do more with AWS and Timescale, highlighting popular AWS services you can use to make building time-series applications simpler and faster.

Now, I’m digging deeper into some of these services to give you a more comprehensive understanding of how to leverage them in combination with Timescale. The first one I tackled was how to set up VPC peering between your own AWS VPC and your Timescale VPC. This allows your AWS services to talk to your Timescale instance without exposing your valuable and sensitive time-series data to the public internet, which makes it less vulnerable to exploits and attacks from external threats.

If you need more information about what VPC peering is, I highly recommend this deep dive by our Support Team.

In the meantime, watch our YouTube video to learn how to avoid exposing your precious time-series data to the public internet when building time-series applications on AWS.

If you want to start building with AWS and Timescale, sign up for our cloud database platform. The first 30 days are completely free (no credit card required).

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