5 Ways to Improve Your PostgreSQL INSERT performance

Ingest (INSERT) performance is critical for many PostgreSQL use cases, from application monitoring and application analytics to IoT monitoring and more.

And, optimizing the speed that your database ingests new data is especially critical when you’re dealing with time-series data, where new observations about a system are treated as new rows (INSERTs), rather than overwrites (UPDATEs).

Join Avthar Sewrathan, Timescale Developer Advocate and time-series pro, as he shows you 5 simple, yet powerful, ways to improve your PostgreSQL ingest performance. In this demo-packed session, he’ll draw on his own experiences, recommendations from TimescaleDB’s PostgreSQL extension developers, and Timescale community members’ tips, so you leave with the practical guidance you need to improve your Postgres database performance.

During the session you’ll:

  • Get a quick overview of factors that impact PostgreSQL insert performance
  • Learn 5 optimization techniques for vanilla PostgreSQL and TimescaleDB (live demos!)
  • Hear best practices and guidance that you can apply to your scenario
  • Be able to ask questions and get responses from the Timescale team.

We’ll focus on code and step-by-step demos, using real world examples and time-series datasets, and we’ll have experts on hand to answer your questions.

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Our goal: make sure you’re well-equipped to continue your journey to PostgreSQL mastery 🎉

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About the speaker

Avthar Sewrathan

Developer Advocate @ Timescale

Avthar is passionate about empowering people through technology. That's why he loves being a Developer Advocate at Timescale, where he helps engineers leverage the power of time-series data to analyze the past, monitor the present, and predict and plan for the future.

Originally from a small town in South Africa, Avthar lived in Costa Rica before earning a CS degree from Princeton University. He previously co-founded a crypto-enabled social network that gave people more privacy and control over their data.

He's also fanatical about learning how to learn, the journey of mastery and how we can all be our best selves.