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Understand time series data and how a purpose-built time series database can improve application performance, strengthen user experience, and create actionable insights.

What is time series data?

Time series data is a sequence of data points collected over time intervals, allowing us to track how something changes over milliseconds, days, or even years. This feature-rich data does not simply include time as an aspect, but as a primary component of the data that helps developers analyze data and gather meaningful insights.
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Who uses time series data?

Time series data can be found in a variety of sectors and industries, and is leveraged by companies large and small.

Why do I need a time series database?

Time series data accumulates quickly and requires deeper analysis to provide actionable insights. Time series databases are built specifically to handle the scale and complexity of time series data to ensure stable, high performance for your application, simplified data analysis, and an overall better experience for your users.ScaleTime series databases are designed to manage large datasets—think billions of rows. These databases provide performance improvements, such as high ingest rates and fast queries, and better data compression.UsabilityTime series databases include built-in functions that are critical for valuable time series data analysis. This creates an optimal user experience and saves time as teams can build and get answers faster.
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