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TimescaleDB: An open-source database built for analyzing
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Rich time-series analytics
Rich time-series analytics

Built-in tools to perform common time-series data analysis, including buckets, gap filling, aggregations, and more.

Convenience of SQL
Convenience of SQL

Get started right away using the query language your developers and business analysts already know.

Massive scale and performance
Massive scale and performance

Write millions of data points per second. Store 100s of billions of rows and 10s of terabytes of data.

Power of PostgreSQL
Powered by PostgreSQL

Leverage the reliability, maturity, and operational efficiency of one of the world's most popular databases.

What is time-series data?
What is time-series data?

Learn more about what time-series
data is and why it matters.

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Why TimescaleDB?
Why TimescaleDB?

Get a better understanding of how
TimescaleDB works.

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Timescale Cloud

A fully-managed, multi-cloud time-series database
service powered by TimescaleDB.

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Time-series data is everywhere

Store all your metrics in TimescaleDB. Always have the data you need to respond to service outages, conduct post-mortems, and plan for future capacity needs.
Understand your application activity over time to provide meaningful insights to your users.
Leverage the insights hidden in machine generated data to build new features, automate processes, and drive efficiency.
Use built-in time-series functions to quickly store, visualize, and analyze pricing data. Combine pricing data with other indicators, all in the same database.
What’s the memory consumption for each of my containers right now?
SELECT time_bucket('10 seconds', time) AS period,
  container_id, avg(free_mem)
FROM metrics
WHERE time > NOW () - interval '10 minutes'
GROUP BY period, container_id
ORDER BY period DESC, container_id;
         period         | container_id |   avg   
2017-07-01 12:01:00+00 | 16 | 72202
2017-07-01 12:01:00+00 | 73 | 837725
2017-07-01 12:01:00+00 | 96 | 412237
2017-07-01 12:01:00+00 | 142 | 1173393
2017-07-01 12:00:50+00 | 16 | 90104
2017-07-01 12:00:50+00 | 73 | 784596
2017-07-01 12:00:50+00 | 96 | 574134
2017-07-01 12:00:50+00 | 142 | 960104

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