Observability powered by SQL

A unified observability backend for Prometheus metrics and OpenTelemetry traces built on PostgreSQL and TimescaleDB.

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Why Promscale?

Easy to install and operate

Simple architecture with just two components: a stateless service and TimescaleDB / PostgreSQL. Get up and running in less than five minutes with out-of-the-box dashboards, alerts, and runbooks to operate in production.

SQL superpowers

Analyze the behavior of your distributed systems using the power of SQL and get unprecedented insights about what’s happening under the hood to troubleshoot problems faster. Correlate metrics and traces with one powerful, flexible and familiar query language.

A universe of possibilities

A single data store for your metrics and traces with full Prometheus and OpenTelemetry support, seamless integration with Grafana and Jaeger, and 100% PromQL compliance. Per-metric retention, rollups, alerts, data backfilling, deletion, and more. Also works with any tool compatible with Postgres and SQL.

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We have game metrics available in different data sources like Graphite, Datadog, and Cloudwatch. We are storing all of these metrics in Prometheus, with Promscale for long-term storage. Promscale lets us collate metrics from these different sources and generate a single report in a unified view so that we can have better visibility into what is happening inside our games."

Saket K

Software Engineer, Electronic Arts

Our goal is to have all of our sites from around the world monitored using Prometheus and view the resulting data in a user-friendly way. We chose Promscale to store our data because it scales, offers flexibility – for example, dividing read and write activities among different nodes – and has the operational maturity and rock-solid reliability of PostgreSQL, including streaming backups and high-availability."

Adam B

Service Specialist, Dow Chemical


Prometheus support.

Quick integration with Prometheus via its remote_write configuration option.

100% PromQL compliance so your teams can reuse all your existing dashboards.

Multi-tenancy capability for managing data and permissions for setups with multiple Prometheus instances.

Correlate metrics and traces in Grafana with our support for OpenMetrics exemplars.

Future-proof with OpenTelemetry

OpenTelemetry is the new emerging standard for instrumentation backed by CNCF that the industry is standardizing on. We are proud contributors to the OpenTelemetry project.

Produce traces

Use the instrumentation libraries provided by OpenTelemetry to automatically produce traces for your applications.

Ingest traces

Effortlessly ingest your OpenTelemetry traces with our native OTLP (OpenTelemetry protocol) ingest endpoint.

Full support

Full support for all capabilities of the OpenTelemetry trace data model including events, links, and complex attribute types like arrays and maps.

Vizualize traces

Use Jaeger and Grafana to explore and visualize your traces.

Get started quickly with our OpenTelemetry demo

Get a lightweight microservices demo environment up and running on your computer in a few minutes and learn how to analyze traces with pre-built Grafana dashboards, Promscale, and SQL.

Works with everything.

Store data from Prometheus, OpenTelemetry, Jaeger, Zipkin, StatsD, and many other formats.

Use Grafana to configure alerts based on the metrics and traces you’re collecting.

Visualize your metrics and traces in Grafana and Jaeger.

Leverage a large ecosystem of integrations available for PostgreSQL and TimescaleDB: data visualization tools, AI platforms, IDEs, ORMs, management tools, performance tuning, and more.

A proven foundation with massive scale.

Postgres with TimescaleDB time-series superpowers with millions of instances worldwide.

Rock solid reliability with data integrity, replication, and warm and hot standby.

Get back your data even in case of a disaster with backup and restore functions as well as point-in-time recovery.

Keep your data safe with multiple authentication methods, roles, and permissions.

Store all your historical metrics across multiple nodes with native compression up to 90%.

Continuous aggregates to automatically roll up your data to boost the performance of long-term queries.

Worry-free operations with Timescale Cloud.

Let us run the TimescaleDB data layer for you, fully managed on AWS, Azure, or GCP, with a top-rated support team to ensure your success.

Easy connection

With a single parameter, set up Promscale to use a Timescale Cloud instance.

Effortless upgrades

Fully managed without downtime. Automated, continuous backups with point–in–time recovery.

High availability

Choose highly–available replicated pairs so your observability data is always available.

Fast set-up

Get a database instance running in 30 seconds, pay-as-you-go.