October 28, 2021

Timescale Community Day

Join us for a three hour live-stream with talks about databases, PostgreSQL, and all things time-series.

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10am ET


Introduction & welcome

Ajay Kulkarni

10:10am ET


Stories of Elephants, Tigers and Unicorns!

Ben Wilson & Chris Engelbert

10:35am ET


10:40am ET


Downsampling time-series data for graphing

David Kohn

11:05am ET


11:10am ET


A beginners guide to EXPLAIN ANALYZE

Michael Christofides

11:35am ET


11:40am ET


Analyzing NFL play-by-play data using PostgreSQL and Timescale

Miranda Auhl

12:05pm ET


12:10pm ET


Handling time-series workloads in IIoT

Mario G. Ishikawa

12:35pm ET


12:40pm ET


Community Matters

Lorraine Pocklington

1:10pm ET


Closing remarks

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Time-series data resources

While you wait for the event, explore a few of our favorite time-series data and PostgreSQL resources.

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