Reconciling two different pricing calculators

I’m trying to determine how much would a hosted solution for Timescale look like. I’m a bit confused that there are two different pricing calculators, one on the products page, the other on the cloud page (which I only got to via Google).

We’re looking to for Timescale to be hosted on AWS, on eu-central-1, and would like Timescale to manage it for us. Is the pricing on products page allows us to choose the cloud provider and the eu-central-1 region, but the one on the cloud page doesn’t.

Also, are data transfer costs accounted into this pricing? I’m guessing that AWS EC2 has some additional costs concerning the amount of data transfer. Is that billed separately by AWS?

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Hello @janko welcome, and thanks for asking about Timescale’s hosted solutions. I’ll definitely bring your observations to the attention of our web team to see if we can help clarify this for those who are finding the pages as you have today. Thank you!

Timescale offers two options in hosting, and that’s what you’re seeing represented by those two pages.

Timescale Cloud

This is our cloud-native built-for-Timescale service built on AWS. For most users, this represents the best option if they want to host on AWS and they can use one of the supported regions. The currently supported regions are us-east-1 us-west-2 and eu-west-1. However, new regions are imminent and I think it would be worth checking in with our customer success team around this, as they have better sight of our plans in this respect.

Managed Service for TimescaleDB

This service is hosted by our partner Aiven. Through Aiven we offer managed service support on AWS, Azure, and GCP. As it’s a service that’s not directly developed and hosted by the Timescale team, it’s less purpose-built than Timescale Cloud. Nevertheless, it’s a good solution. You can access more regions for this service because it’s provided by Aiven who covers many more regions than we currently do at Timescale.

In either case – whether Timescale Cloud or Managed Service for TimescaleDB – as a customer or trial user, you have the same support from our professional support team.

Hopefully, that helps clarify things a bit? If it’s OK with you, I’d be happy to ask one of our Customer Success Managers to get in touch with you directly to talk about which would work best for you and if we might be able to offer eu-central-1 region on Timescale Cloud in a timeframe that works for you. Let me know?


Hi @LorraineP, sorry for the delayed reply. I appreciate the explanation, that makes complete sense now.

At this time it seems that we’ll go for the managed service, at least for the launch of the feature we’ll be using Timescale for, as we didn’t see significant differences in pricing. Afterwards we might schedule a call to discuss the possibility and advantages of using Timescale Cloud :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @janko just reaching out to see if you have received the email I sent on Feb 22? I am happy to schedule a call and go through both solutions and answer any questions you might have. :slightly_smiling_face:
On the side note, eu-central-1 (Frankfurt) region expansion is planned for the end of Q1 for Timesclale Cloud. Please note that the timeframe might be subject to change but wanted to confirm that it is on the roadmap. Let me know if I can help with anything else!

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Best resource for the list of regions currently supported by Timescale Cloud can be found here