Slack or Discourse?

If you’ve been used to communicating with Timescale via our Slack workspace you may be wondering what the future plans are for community conversations!

First of all, the Timescale Slack space is not going away, so if you are a fan of using Slack, don’t worry. We are firm believers in talking with our users where they want to talk, whether that’s on Slack, in this forum, or through other channels (and in-person events!)

However, Slack has its limitations and it’s not for everyone. Now that Timescale has grown, we recognize that we need to offer more opportunities for users to talk with us. More to the point, though, we have the capacity to support more channels now :tada:

Which is best, Slack or Forum?

It depends!

We anticipate that Slack will be the place for quick questions and clarifications, whereas the forum will be the best place for questions that need a longer answer and long-form discussions, especially those that are likely to be interesting to a lot of community members.

We’ve created a bridge between the two so that if you prefer to hang out in Slack more regularly than a forum, you will still be able to see the discussions that are being initiated here. Just in case you want to join in!

In terms of the Timescale Time Travelers’ program, your contributions outside the forum will also be recognized, so you shouldn’t be disadvantaged just because you prefer the chat environment.

Still not sure?

Feel free to ask questions in this thread if you’d like to know more. Thanks for being here!

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