About Time Travelers

Our Time Traveler scheme allows us to recognize and reward the contributions of the Timescale community. Even a brief hint in the right direction can help other developers to build applications, discover resources, and learn more about time-series data.

The forum software we use (Discourse) is built to recognize activity here in the forum, and as you use it the scope of what you can do here will grow… The Timescale team will also be noting and giving kudos for activities outside of the forum (Slack, GitHub, StackOverflow, Reddit…) On top of that, though, we’re creating a set of exclusive (and fun) rewards that you can only earn through your community contribution… Everyone in the Timescale community is a Time Traveler, but the more you build and share your knowledge the faster and further you’ll travel with us.

How to be a Time Traveler

Here are just a few ideas about how you can become a Time Traveler with Timescale:

  • Ask questions here, in Slack, or on other question sites like Reddit and StackOverflow
  • Answer questions when you can
  • Mark any answer that provided the right solution for you as ‘solved’ to help future travelers.
  • Mentor, guide, and coach other community members.
  • Create issues/bug reports for code and documentation.
  • Create PRs for code and documentation that you can fix yourself.
  • Initiate interesting discussions on the forum.
  • Suggest a poll or competition that we should run.
  • Join in discussions and share your experiences, what went well, and what got you into trouble.
  • If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll earn extra privileges but consider becoming a community moderator.
  • Write about how you use Timescale projects on our blog.
  • Write about Timescale or Promscale elsewhere.
  • Speak about Timescale or Promscale at an online event.
  • Speak about Timescale or Promscale at an offline event.
  • Speak about Timescale or Promscale at a Timescale event.
  • Initiate, lead, or host a community meetup with our support.
  • Lead a community special interest group… if you’re in an industry that has a common need for time-series data, think about setting up a discussion group here to share experiences.
  • Provide product and brand feedback.
  • Share about Timescale’s work in your social media accounts.
  • Share photographs of Timescale SWAG in interesting places.
  • Demonstrate through action a commitment to inclusivity in the tech industry.
  • Show a help first attitude to your fellow travelers.

Someone just shared some awesome tips – can I recommend them?

If someone helps you out by answering your question(s) in the forum, please be sure to upvote their comment. If you were the original poster, then please mark accepted answers when you are given the right solution.
You can also mention them in our Unsung Travelers thread where we’ll be sure to take a look at what they’re doing. This is especially useful to us if you receive their help on Slack or on sites like Stack Overflow, or found a blog especially useful.

Apart from SWAG where’s the benefit?

Being a Time Traveler is mostly about your journey in tech. For example, by helping out in a public forum, or creating a blog post about your time-series project, you’re creating public evidence of your knowledge and commitment to your developer career. It’s investing in yourself and your future while helping others that haven’t yet traveled so far as you.

Do I have to register?

You don’t need to register to be a Time Traveler, and the program is designed to recognize all levels of experience and commitment.

If you are offered a Time Traveler reward but want to opt-out of the program we will absolutely respect your point of view. There is no obligation to be included. Just let us know.


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