Using TimescaleDB Community Edition with Zalando Spilo packages?

Hi, I am installing my timescaledb through patroni and deploying it as kubernetis pods in ec2 instance. Right now my timescaledb shows that I am using apache license. How can I get community license so I can use features like compression.

Hi @Chaitanya_Ralladoddi , can you confirm the steps done in the build of the extension.

As you can see we have this APACHE_ONLY flag that is what makes it compile this old version. We also have a bug related to this: [Bug]: Installation followed by TimescaleDB documentation is set as Apache 2 Edition, but can compress the table · Issue #6145 · timescale/timescaledb · GitHub

If your case is related, please, add more details in the issue.

From discussion on Slack, I see that OP is using Zalando’s Spilo packaging, which by default only includes the Apache 2 edition in its binaries.

Package spilo-15 · GitHub


The workaround is to either build these binaries from source, or use a different installation or deployment method.