Upgrade path & Error

In brief:
I’m trying to find the best path to upgrade from 1.7.5 on PG12 to latest 2.10.x on PG15, in place with a significant volume of data (Zabbix).

Looking at the table here - Timescale Documentation | Upgrade PostgreSQL, it looked like jumping to timescale 2.10.x first, and then doing the PG upgrade second might be the easiest path, but the test upgrade failed with the following error
“ERROR: function _timescaledb_internal.ping_data_node(name) does not exist”

Firstly, is my reading of the table correct, is this a sensible route to take?

Secondly, Can anyone point me in the direction of why the upgrade might be failing?

Many thanks!

TimescaleDB version: 1.7.5
PostgreSQL version: 12.14
OS: Debian
Install method: DEB

We have the exact same issue, just running the old DB instance on CentOS 8 with PG11 and TSDB 1.7.5.
Trying to upgrade to the latest supported versions of TSDB and PG on a new Debian 11 installation, in preparation for the upcoming Zabbix 7.0 release.
Did you manage to find a solution to the problem?