Updating not finding the newest version

In brief:
Updating thinks the version is newest.

TimescaleDB version: 2.7.2 (and 2.8.1 on other environment, same issue)
PostgreSQL version: 14.5
Other software:
OS: Debian 14.4.1
Install method: Not Docker. On database level (is there even any other options?)
Environment: Production, Test, Development

Optional: psql connect (with -X -d parameters) directly to the database. Then ALTER EXTENSION timescaledb UPDATE;
The result is “version “2.7.2” of extension “timescaledb” is already installed”
So there’s no error and this seems to think I have the newest version already there. So basically, it doesn’t fetch the version tree properly.

I have a feeling there’s some pretty basic error here, so starting from the level of “is your power cord plugged in?” is completely fine. I’m accessing remotely to both of these environments, so at least the internet connection is working.

I have checked this that the Postgresql 14.5. supports 2.12.0: Timescale Documentation | Upgrade PostgreSQL

Since the update is 2.7.2 to 2.12.0 it is the minor upgrade as explained here: Timescale Documentation | Minor TimescaleDB upgrades

You state your OS is Debian 14.4.1 but as far as i know the most recent debian version is 12. Are you using prepackaged timescaledb? Did you update your package sources? 2.12.0 is available prepackaged for PG 13, 14 and 15 on all supported platforms.

Good question. This is where I saw it from:

Yeah, so this was the solution. It is updated now. Thank you!