Update rows in compressed data that have foreign keys

I’ve defined a hypertable where i have applied compression and defined segment_by on two specific columns which are Foreign Keys.

Here is the structure of the table.

CREATE TABLE public.measurements (
	"time" timestamptz NOT NULL,
	"waterMeterDevEUI" varchar(255) NOT NULL,
	"waterSupplyId" int4 NULL,
	measurement int4 NOT NULL,
	delta int4 NOT NULL,
	CONSTRAINT "measurements_waterMeterDevEUI_fkey" FOREIGN KEY ("waterMeterDevEUI") REFERENCES public."waterMeters"("devEUI"),
	CONSTRAINT "measurements_waterSupplyId_fkey" FOREIGN KEY ("waterSupplyId") REFERENCES public."waterSupplies"(id)

Conversion of table to hypertable based on 1 month interval

SELECT create_hypertable('measurements', 'time', chunk_time_interval => INTERVAL '1 month', create_default_indexes => true);

Compression based on 1 month interval

      ALTER TABLE "measurements" SET (
        timescaledb.compress_segmentby = '"waterSupplyId", "waterMeterDevEUI"'
`SELECT add_compression_policy('"measurements"', INTERVAL '1month');`

However, i cannot update rows which have been compressed, whereas rows which haven’t yet been compressed can be updated.

If I remove the FKs (and remove the segment_by section of the code), update operation of the rows which have been compressed works.

Does Timescale supports updates on rows in this case?
Should I change anything in the definition of the compression?

Thank you in advance,

Which version of TimescaleDB and PostgreSQL are you using this should work with most recent TimescaleDB versions and PostgreSQL 14+.