TSBS result correctness of Timescale

Hi guys, I’m new to tsbs test and was confuse by the test result.
I generated an IoT dataset and loaded it into both TimescaleDB and another database. However, the number of data loaded into TimescaleDB is less than the other database when it comes the this table: tags.

I have checked the data set and confirm that some tags data loss in timescale.

I checked the source code and found the reason:

the logic here :If a truck has already reported a tag to table tags once, it will not report again, even if the truck later reports a different tag (simulating imperfect data in the real world).

I think the logic here will also result in will inconsistent tags data when running tsbs_load_timescale multiple times with the same data set. because the tags data is influenced by the order of batch writes.

I have also raise an issue in github

any advice will be appreciated TT

Thanks for reporting the issue @GreatFang!
Looks a real bug.