TimescaleDB for Vehicle Telematics

Hello there! :vulcan_salute:

I have been working in the field of vehicle telematics for almost 7 years. My company initially used the PostgreSQL as the main storage for telemetry from gps devices.

About 5 years ago, we decided with the development team to rewrite our system from scratch in order to solve the problems of scaling and large amounts of data.

Our choice initially fell on InfluxDB, but by chance we stumbled on a github extension for time series. Then it was version 0.5.0. And despite the fact that it was not a release, the community was small, and no one had heard about this extension, we decided to try it in action.

We were surprised how the extension to the database could turn the work with time series in a classic relational database. Even then, in 2017, the table partitioning system looked impressive.

And we used a little known extension without a production release. And we are still sure that it was the best decision.

Now, as CTO of the fleet monitoring system, I am trying to popularize the TimescaleDB in the Russian-speaking community.

I have a workshop on github on the topic of vehicle telematics with real anonymized data. This workshop was used for 2 online meetups on the YouTube channel: RuPostgres. But I try to keep the workshop up to date and sometimes add new features and examples of using stack: PostgreSQL + PostGIS + TimescaleDB.

I propose to unite everyone who uses the TimescaleDB for transport monitoring and managing in this topic :truck: :artificial_satellite: :lion: