Timescaledb docker in production

Hi community!

I have been compelled to develop a complex dockerized environment (including a timescaledb) Actually it have been done quick and successfully, but I’m concerned about deploying a dockerized instance of timescaledb on production and I would prefer deploying it “on premises”.

The database should collect IoT devices data. And, at the moment, I haven’t been notifieed about the policies regarding time of storage of data, etc

Somebody has some experience about it? What’s your opinion?

Thank you!


Hi @nando

I checked in with the team. First of all, it’s definitely ok to run containerized TimescaleDB in production. This is how we operate Timescale Cloud.

Some considerations for you:

  • be mindful of resource limits on a container, particularly memory.
  • don’t use the container’s own filesystem to store database data. Instead, mount an external volume with a proper filesystem such as ext4 or xfs.

With this in mind, I’ve found a couple of blog posts that you might also find useful. These are written by our Cloud engineers and have some hints and tips based on how they have set up Timescale Cloud:

In fact, posts using this tag might be interesting to you Cloud - Timescale Blog

Is there something specific that concerns you about managing the setup around TimescaleDB? I’m wondering if Cloud managed services would be an option for you? Now that you know that Timescale Cloud is using containers, if you haven’t taken out a (totally) free trial yet, it might be worth you doing that to see how a containerized TimescaleDB looks-and-feels? That’s on AWS. Timescale Products


Hi @LorraineP,

Your response is exactly what I needed to know.

Actually, I know the better is to deploy the database in the Timescaledb Cloud as you suggest (I’ll propose using it to my boss) but I don’t have decision-making ability on these aspects.

Thank you very much! :grinning:

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You’re welcome Nando.

BTW I know I am thoroughly biased but the support team here is great and could save you or your DBA a lot of headaches with managing your database. We’re always here if anyone wants to chat. :smiley: