Timescale single helm chart

Hi. i’m tryng out the Timescale-single helm chart:
it looks like this project is not so active, as the last commit is 9 month old
also the image in the values.yaml is very old:
repository: timescale/timescaledb-ha
tag: pg14.6-ts2.9.1-p1

Does anyone know if this helm chart is going to be maintained, add new features etc?
will they change the image to point to a more recent one?


I just used it, changed the image to Pg_15 and it worked ok except for a unique use case I have with SSL behind a Teleport DB Proxy, I have to give it a CA and so far have fond no way to do that.

There was one other issue I reported here … [Bug]: Error - 128 kB is outside the valid range for parameter "maintenance_work_mem · Issue #639 · timescale/helm-charts · GitHub

I have not looked into any other aspects of it, but it deployed ok, one master and two replicas

thank for the information :slight_smile:
good to know
the question is why wasn’t it updated for such a long time, and if there is any plan to maintain this chart…

thanks again!

Im assuming there is no plan to maintain it, I will see if Bitnami is interested in supporting it, but for now, I have just turned it into a full manifest by parsing the helm chart and applying that …