Timescale Office Hours: Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Monthly open office hours


We look forward to welcoming you to our open office hours which from September 2022 will take place on the THIRD Wednesday of the month at midday Eastern time. See above for the time in your timezone.

These sessions are hosted by our developer advocates and community team and offer the chance to meet with other users, ask questions, and receive inputs from other Timescale users in the field. Here’s the agenda

  • Introductions with hosts Chris Englebert, Senior Developer Advocate, and Lorraine P, Community Manager, who’ll be joined by guest Yannis Roussos, TimescaleDB database product manager
  • Questions from the community
  • Latest updates from TimescaleDB (with occasional demos and product spotlights)
  • Any other business

Here’s the recording of September’s session (remember you are more than welcome to attend the session and stay camera and mic off): Timescale Community Office Hours: September 2022 - YouTube – don’t forget that YouTube has a ‘play fast’ facility if you want to skip through more quickly :slight_smile:

The September post is now closed, if anyone has new questions for the Timescale Team, don’t forget to add them to the next office hours session. or

Calendar reminder

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If anyone has a question for our restart of office hours, please drop it into a comment. Thanks!

Hi, I like what I’ve seen of TimescaleDB so far but am quite new to observability in general, so please excuse me if these are very basic questions. I’m curious about the characteristics of the support for storing & querying traces via Promscale, which I understand is a fairly recent addition:

  • How does it compare in terms of performance and in terms of storage required, to Jaeger with ElasticSearch? What about vis à vis metrics in TimescaleDB, which I assume need less space? (This is something I’ve been wondering about since I saw the excellent ‘What More Can I Learn From My OpenTelemetry Traces?’ talk.)
  • Will storing both traces and metrics in the same database instance lead to issues or bottlenecks? Are there limitations or caveats to be aware of?
  • Is the cardinality of labels and resource attributes a factor, or does the tag map structure make that less relevant?

(Sorry for the late addition, I only just saw the Slack message about this. And thank you!)

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Hi, Can you please share, where i can find the recording of the event, thanks

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Hello! Thanks for the nudge, and apologies for the delay I’ve been out of office on leave :beach_umbrella:. I’ve updated the original post with the recording, and I’ll reply to the previous question to say when the discussion on these questions began.

Hi again @shivjm thanks for coming to office hours and asking great questions.

In the YouTube video now shared in the original post, the community discussion about these questions – thanks to Frank and the team from Transpara and David W – begins at 33’ 26s and we were fortunate enough to catch Mat Arye, Senior Engineer on the Promscale team. You can catch his response at 46’ 52s

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