Timescale Office Hours: Wednesday, November 16, 2022


We look forward to welcoming you to our open office hours on the THIRD Wednesday of the month at midday Eastern time. See above for the time in your time zone.

These sessions are hosted by our developer advocates and community team and offer the chance to meet with other users, ask questions, and receive inputs from other Timescale users in the field. Here’s the standing agenda

  • Introductions with hosts Chris Engelbert (Senior Developer Advocate) and Kaylan Hardy (Marketing Coordinator)
  • Questions from the community
  • Latest updates from TimescaleDB (with occasional demos and product spotlights)
  • Any other business

Here’s the recording of November’s session (remember you are more than welcome to attend the session and stay camera and mic off): Timescale Community Office Hours: November 2022 - YouTube – don’t forget that YouTube has a ‘play fast’ facility if you want to skip through more quickly :slight_smile:

The November post is now closed, if anyone has new questions for the Timescale Team, don’t forget to add them to the next office hours session.

Calendar reminder

To add office hours as a regular event in your calendar, grab this ics file

Hi, does single node HA deployment work well with data tiering and compression enabled ?
I’m looking to deploy timescale with data tiering and later add 1 replica for HA.
Any suggestions/special considerations ?
Thanks in advance

Hey @dsupru welcome to our community! We have noted your question and we will address it during the Office Hours session :slight_smile:

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Thank you ! I wasn’t able to join but I look forward to watching the recording.

Hi! The recording is now uploaded above for your viewing. :slightly_smiling_face: