Timescale hypertables based on linear measures/ length measures possible?

I have the following manufacturing use case in mind. A lengthy product such as steel wire is produced and position sensor values are collected continuously every few cm as the wire traverses the mill at constant speed.

In my opinion, the generated data could be considered as temporal data since it is continuously collected even if no timestamps are available - but the position in cm instead. Since Timescale hypertables can be created based on abritrary Integer-based time formats, could a such length measure substitute a time measure?

Hi @Bernhard_F, welcome :wave:

I like the idea, I think it’s totally applicable and then you can split the chunks every few meters or kilometers :smiley:

As the speed is constant, have you thought about track on/off in the machine and project how many meters of wire are done while it’s operating? In this way, you’d have less records but still have a precise length if the machine stop at any point.

I was thinking about suggesting state tracking as the speed is constant.