Timescale Db with Entity framework core (code first approach).net support

Does timescale db support entity framework core code first approach for CURD operation.
i was following this link https://gibinfrancis.medium.com/timescale-db-with-ef-core-94c948829608
but while creating migration it is creating normal table not hyper-table. can anyone tell me can i use ef core code first approach in timescale db if so please share me link.

Hello @Saikat_Chatterjee welcome to the forum.

Just for clarification, are you saying you followed all the steps in that article but it didn’t work for you? Which step did it fail?

One thing to consider is that if you are on Azure only the Apache 2 licensed edition of TimescaleDB can be provisioned as a managed service… If you want to use Community Edition then you would need to look at Timescale’s Managed Service for TimescaleDB which you can trial if that’s of interest. Here’s the comparison page for editions:

Of course, if you are self-installing and managing the software stack then you can use community edition. I just wanted to check that’s the case!