Timescale Cloud and Amazon CloudWatch integration

You can now integrate Timescale Cloud and CloudWatch to monitor your service metrics (CPU, memory, and storage).

Check out our resources for instructions on how to set this up:

:writing_hand: Blog post
:tv: Demo video
:books: Documentation

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! :pray:

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Hi nenadm,

Is there any way to make use of this functionality without handing out “CloudWatchFullAccess” to the user? full access as specified in the blog post seems a bit excessive.

kind regards,

Very good point @SimonR, probably the original intention was just for educational purposes, but being careful with permissions settings is always very welcome.

I’ll check with our team to be improving it. Thanks for the care :heart_hands:

You might be able to help out your colleagues here:

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