Time weighted averages with continuous aggregates

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I have tried using time_weighted averages of my hypertable in a continuous aggregate, and timescale tells me that only immutable functions are supported (error output below). Is this expected behavior and if yes, is it still possible to make this work?

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The Error:
SQL-Fehler [0A000]: ERROR: only immutable functions supported in continuous aggregate view
Hinweis: Make sure all functions in the continuous aggregate definition have IMMUTABLE volatility. Note that functions or expressions may be IMMUTABLE for one data type, but STABLE or VOLATILE for another

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Hi @rabmat

From: time_weight

I would guess you have problems with your parameters, in case: please make sure to use the correct timestamp with timezone



Would that be true for counter_agg also? I see the same error message, and my time column is defined as timestamp. So, to use counter_agg in a continuous materialized view, I need to change the time column from timestamp to timestamptz?