REST API calls for TimescaleDB like Kairosdb for Cassandra TSDB

Dear Community,

Do you know if there is any available opensource application that I can use to do REST API calls to timescaleDB as KairosDB provides to Cassandra for time-series DB. I would share these API calls with outside users so I wanted to have restricted API calls only rather than giving direct access to my timescaleDB. Any thoughts on it from community?

Postgrest might be interesting to look at has great performance and is easy to set up PostgREST Documentation — PostgREST 10.2.0 documentation


I was going to suggest the same! I found this tutorial (needs subscription) from packtpub too:

Also, this very old but well structured gist with more details:

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Thanks @jonatasdp @David_Sooter . I will take a look on it