Refreshing already deleted continuous aggregate

Hi there,

I found something interesting in my logs:
LOG: refreshing continuous aggregate “values_fmin” in window […]

That was a materialized view that I dropped a long time ago.
I tried to use policy functions to delete/check this policy, but every command I tried said there is no such policy.

Any ideas on this?


Hi @semir, what are your Timescaledb and Postgresql versions?

this is probably a leftover of some old job still trying to refresh.

Can you confirm you don’t have another one running on a different schema?

What you see on jobs, job_stats and job_errors from the timescaledb_information schema?

thanks for your response and sorry for the late answer, I completely forgot about this thread.
Fun fact I don’t see any other refresh jobs than those that are valid.

I could not find job_errors:
select * from timescaledb_information.job_errors;
ERROR: relation “timescaledb_information.job_errors” does not exist


Hi András, what version of Postgresql, and the timescaledb extension are you using?